Natural Style: Earth-Friendly Decorating

Just like food choices involve more than taste, decorating a home requires more than style. The materials purchased may be lived with for a long time, so choosing non-toxic products, in addition to pleasing colors and styles, is a worthy consideration. Natural Style, by Janet Sobesky, is a book that can guide readers to a connection with nature inside their homes.

Natural Style: Environmentally Friendly Homes

As a style of decorating, going natural means an uncluttered look, choosing natural materials and displaying objects of personal significance. Other ways to create a natural home include:

Decorating: Textiles, Flooring, Furniture and Art

Textiles fill a home with color and texture. Some good natural choices for curtains, upholstery, rugs, pillows and other include cotton, muslin, canvas, hemp, linen, ramie, silk and wool. Put special consideration into mattress choice as whatever a bed is made of is likely to be inhaled during sleep.

How to Choose Color for a Home

Color makes a huge impact in a home, and is an effective way to add a sense of style. Choose a color that appeals to the senses rather than being swayed by ever-changing home d├ęcor fashions. Natural Style includes a complementary color wheels to help choose a theme, and don’t be afraid to stick with the neutral colors found in nature.

Surfaces: Flooring, Counters and Wall Treatments

Green flooring choices include bamboo, wood, laminate, engineered wood, cork, ceramic tile, concrete, slate and linoleum. Many of these same materials can be used on countertops, as well as stone or metals. Avoid vinyl flooring which emits toxins into the household environment. Choose and eco-friendly paint or paper for walls.

Kitchens & Baths

Select energy-saving appliances when the time comes to replace them, and consider whether it’s necessary to install a second dishwasher or larger refrigerator even though that may be the trend. Make good use of natural light. Reduce water usage and expense by selecting efficient lavatories and showers.

Outdoor Living: Outdoor Rooms, Landscaping, Windows

Connecting the outdoors to indoor living space is a great way to enjoy the natural world from any room. Windows have a direct impact on energy costs and natural views. Provide entertaining space with conservatories, sunrooms and garden rooms. Make water-savvy choices when it’s time to landscape.


Natural Style is full of practical, doable advice for making good choices that are beautiful to live with. It is well organized and filled with color photographs that help a homeowner determine their own sense of style. A great gift for new homeowners or remodelers.

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