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Garden Ponds: Winter Maintenance Made Easy

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Many homeowners, when considering the installation of a Garden Pond are fraught with unnecessary concerns, mostly attributable to maintenance issues. Indeed, some informed knowledge is required to ensure a living ecosystem remains vibrant, however an advanced degree is hardly a prerequisite. Given the free flowing exchange of information via the Internet, a few hours invested…

A Favorite Pastime Still Thrives – The Garden Drive In

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Driving past, you catch a glimpse of a man clad in a dazzling ice-skating outfit hoisting another man into the air. Your gaze shifts, and you witness a group of middle-aged men suiting up in leather biker wear. These scenes would be awkward and confusing in any other setting, but they are rather tame compared…

Build Your Own Water Garden

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When you decide you want a water garden, or fountain, as part of your landscape, next you have to choose which type you want. Do you want only water plants, or one filled with goldfish? You will want to see how much sunlight it will receive from your chosen location in case you want to…

Garden Edging and Garden Paths

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Edges and paths add to the beauty of the garden. Edges give a clean appearance to the garden and paths provide a way to maneuver around the garden without stepping on the grass or the flowers. Depending on what the edges and paths are made, the garden can be transformed into a thing of beauty….

Amazing Gardening Activities for Children

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Three Activities that Are Sure to Cure Boredom and Bring Your Child to the Garden Kids out of school for the summer and bored? Learn how to make a sock garden, build a barometer in less than 5 minutes, and dry flowers in the microwave! Sock Garden– sounds funny, and it’s fun and simple! 1)…

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