Build Your Own Water Garden

When you decide you want a water garden, or fountain, as part of your landscape, next you have to choose which type you want. Do you want only water plants, or one filled with goldfish? You will want to see how much sunlight it will receive from your chosen location in case you want to also have water lilies. Lilies need four to six hours of sunlight daily, shade is fine for goldfish. Moderate climates need about two feet of water depth in a goldfish pond, colder climates need water a little deeper.

When choosing placement for your pond, remember that you want an area of landscape that has good drainage and is free from rain run off. You may need to do some landscaping before starting your project.

Flexible liners and pre-built pools are the main choices for building a water garden. Both are cheaper and easier to install than one made of concrete. Pre-fabricated pools come in various shapes and sizes, depending on your personal preference. If you want just a small round pond, a kiddie pool from Wal-mart will do the job. If installing a flexible liner, be sure to get one especially made for water gardens.

Once you have your location and type of pond chosen, it is time to start to work building your water garden. To be sure that you have enough space, you can make a template of your desired pond and place it on top of the ground for use as an outline and guide for digging.

If you are in doubt about the size of your pond, remember bigger is better. Larger water gardens are easier to maintain and it cannot be too large if you are planning on stocking it with several large goldfish.

Next, you will need to excavate the area where your water garden will be placed. Dig the width and depth needed to occupy your pond. You will also need to make a little ledge around the borders of the pond to place your pump and, if desired, a waterfall. You will need to go ahead and place any pumps or filters and be sure to level them up.

Put your liner in place and smooth it out and around the ledge on your water garden. Decide on what type of border you want around your garden, stones or medium sized rocks work well. You can simply place these around your pond and layer them to make a nice wall. Cement or concrete can be used to keep the stones in place, but it is not required.

Dechlorinate your pond with chemicals used for outdoor water gardens, you can purchase these at most garden centers. You will also want to go ahead and add any aquatic plants or lilies as soon as the pond is in place. Give the water in the pond time to get established before adding fish. Waiting a week or so before adding goldfish is your best choice. Add one or two fish at a time so that any adjustments to water balance is done slowly.

Once you have constructed your own backyard water garden, sit back and enjoy your beautiful addition to your home’s landscape.

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