Amazing Gardening Activities for Children

Three Activities that Are Sure to Cure Boredom and Bring Your Child to the Garden

Kids out of school for the summer and bored? Learn how to make a sock garden, build a barometer in less than 5 minutes, and dry flowers in the microwave!

Sock Garden– sounds funny, and it’s fun and simple! 1) Have your child walk in some tall grass with a sock OVER their shoe. 2) Remove the sock, being careful not to disturb any spores or seeds it will now have on it, then put the sock in a small foil pan with a small amount of water in the bottom of it, just enough to wet the sock. 3) Place the pan in a spot where it will have direct sunlight, preferably indoors, and make sure to keep the sock moist. Within a few days you will see some sprouts, and if you let it grow awhile you will have your own sock garden with many different kinds of plants.

Microwave Flower Pressing– fun for kids of all ages, faster and easier than pressing using a book, and great for those into scrapbooking! 1) In your microwave, lay a few paper towels on a flat plate or on the turntable, if you are drying a bigger flower with more moisture, more paper towels may be needed. 2) On top of your layer of paper towels, lay a sheet of blotting paper, then add the flowers, making sure they aren’t touching each other 3) Add another sheet of blotting paper, then a few more paper towels. 4) Top with a microwaveable dish to keep the paper flat. 5) Microwave times will vary, the process takes usually 2-4 minutes, but check every 30 seconds to prevent burnt flowers and to reposition flowers if needed. Remember that if you are drying several batches of flowers that the microwave setting may need to be changed to low, as microwaves get hotter with use. 6) Let the flowers cool, then they can be laminated, or stored in an envelope or box for use.

Barometer Fun– easy to make- can your child forecast the weather? 1) Gather a glass jar, a balloon, thick rubber band, tape, scissors, a straw, and a small piece of paper cut into the shape of a triangle. 2) Cut the end off of the balloon so that when it is stretched over the mouth of the jar, it forms a FLAT tight seal, then secure with the rubber band. 3) Attach the straw to the middle of the covering of the jar with a peice of tape. 4) Cut a slit crosswise into the other end of the straw, and place your paper triangle. The triangle doesn’t have to be cut perfectly, it is just used as a direction arrow. When the air pressure is LOW the cover relaxes and the arrow will point down, which means rain, When the air pressure is HIGH the cover is tight, pulling the arrow up, meaning drier weather.

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